Columbia College will receive $1.38 million through the TRIO Student Support Services Program to help first-generation and low-income students and students with disabilities earn their degrees. The grant will provide funding for the program for the next five years. This is the fourth time the program has received a grant renewal since its establishment in 2001.

“As a first-generation college student myself, I know the struggles that so many students face,” said Columbia College President Scott Dalrymple. “It’s hard if your family can’t help you navigate issues of financial aid, for example, or choosing a major. The TRIO program helps level the playing field.”

The program is designed to encourage eligible Day Program students to complete their four-year college degree. Resources such as tutoring, peer mentoring, financial literacy programs and career services workshops, cultural awareness activities and preparation for graduate school are available to the 172 students expected to participate in the program this upcoming year.

Students who may qualify for the program include first-generation college students (meaning neither parent earned a baccalaureate degree), students who meet federal income guidelines and students with documented physical, learning and mental health disabilities.

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