By David Stoddard, director, Columbia College-Salt Lake

David Stoddard, Salt LakeOne of the quotes that gives me assurance during an eventful and uncertain time comes from a deceased religious leader in Utah, Gordon B. Hinckley. He said,

I see a wonderful future in a very uncertain world, if we will cling to our values, if we will build on our inheritance, if we will walk in obedience…we will be blessed in a magnificent and wonderful way.

Whether one is religious or not, there seems to be a fading or diminished hope right now. Sadly, many Americans have lost employment, or know someone who has. Even worse, many have lost loved ones to sickness, civil prejudices, or other violence in our country. Many things are happening that make a “very uncertain world.” Because of the uncertainty, a few students (you may be one of them) are considering their options for returning to school.

The above quote gives me hope that all things are going to work out. It also tells me that we cannot sit around and wait for things to work out. We need to “cling,” “build,” and “walk” in order to achieve great things. One of the values that I cling to is education. Education is a value to me because I have been able to accomplish many goals by completing degrees. I have had opportunities presented, that I would not have otherwise had, because of my education. Although you may be wondering if now is the time to start or continue your education, I say, “IT IS!” Let education be a guiding value to you as you achieve your goals, even in an uncertain world.

Building on our inheritance is another great thing to see your education doing. Your education will “build” opportunities for you. It will give you a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and achievement. As you and I pursue education, we are building a better future for generations to come. We can change behaviors and shape attitudes by learning and developing ourselves. As you choose to pursue your education, you will add to your inheritance and the inheritance of others. You can pass on your knowledge and learning to others.

Obedience is interesting. Everyone has different rules, or a lack of rules, that they live by. I believe more in principles and guidelines that help people make good decisions. My education has helped establish the principles and guidelines for my life. In my educational pursuits, I have learned to be a critical thinking, develop ideas, and discover new philosophies that were not part of who I was prior to my education. I am hopeful that this new knowledge I gained has helped me become a better person, educator, and director to those students, faculty, and staff around me. I also believe that anyone who wants to be obedient to whatever principles and guidelines they have for themselves should indeed have education as part of that plan. Education will change who you are. Education will help you be better.

My desire for each of you is that you will find the hope to continue to press forward in your educational pursuits, even when the uncertainty of the world makes it tough to concentrate. I have had “magnificent and wonderful” opportunities because of my educational endeavors, and you can have those same cool experiences as you achieve your goals.


College COVID-19 update

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#DoYourPart: ccis.edu/2020PathAs you are well aware, we have resumed operations this fall. Most courses at Columbia College Global (CCG) locations are being offered in-seat, with appropriate social distancing, and include a virtual classroom option for students. This initiative expands on our existing expertise in virtual teaching and provides students with access to a wider selection of synchronous instruction.

Due to local and state regulations, some locations are not currently able to offer in-seat courses. In addition, locations that are hosted by a partner institution, such as locations on community college campuses or military installations, may not be able to offer in-seat courses if the partner institution has cancelled face-to-face education for the Fall Semester.

You should contact your location director if you are experiencing symptoms, have been exposed to COVID-19, or have tested positive for the virus. The important thing is that students who are experiencing symptoms, tested positive, or have been identified as a direct contact of a person who has COVID-19 should self-quarantine at their residence and not come to campus, and seek medical attention if they need it.

Please review the college’s full return-to-campus guidelines for more information.


Virtual career fairs are the ticket to your next job

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Career fairs remain one of the most important ways to meet employers and get on their candidate lists for internships and jobs. For obvious reasons, those events are moving online to virtual fairs. And while they are certainly different from in-person events, the goal is still the same.

As with job postings and other career resources, your Handshake account is a great place to view virtual career events. Based on your profile and interests, the system will recommend virtual events for you, and you’ll also be notified when the employers you follow on Handshake are attending a virtual career fair. You can also see a full list of upcoming events via the Events tab on your Handshake dashboard.

Not all virtual fairs are created equal. One might just be an online list of employers who are hiring, with links to a virtual booth that explains what the company does and what type of individual they’re looking to hire. Others are more robust and include the ability to “drop in” and chat with a company’s representative via video.

Regardless of the virtual fair’s setup, you should still go into a virtual setting as prepared as you would be for an in-person experience. Here are some tips:

  1. Update your Handshake profile. Check that your basics (graduation date, year in school, major, etc.) are accurate. Select the job types, locations and roles that interest you, so recruiters may better know what positions are a good fit for you. Make sure you’ve updated your courses taken, skills, and previous work experience.
  2. Find out which employers are attending. View the virtual fair details page to see the full list of employers who are hosting sessions. From there, you can click through to each employer’s page to learn more about them and read reviews from other students. Be sure to sign up early for sessions with the employers you like so you’re guaranteed a spot.
  3. Research the employers you’ll meet. When you sign up to attend an employer’s virtual fair session, research beyond their profile. Check out their company website and search online for recent news articles and other relevant information. This will help you think of questions to ask during sessions, and make conversation during one-on-one sessions you may have.
  4. Prepare a few talking points. Think of an “elevator pitch” about yourself—a short overview about your background, studies, and career goals. Practice with a friend or family member so you’re ready when it’s time to introduce yourself to a recruiter.
  5. Dress professionally. Even though you won’t be meeting employers in person, you’ll want to ditch the sweats for the career fair. Dressing up a bit will make a good first impression with recruiters and employees. Plus, wearing your favorite polished outfit will help boost your confidence in time for the event!
  6. Find a quiet spot and a neutral background. Try to limit potential distractions for yourself and for the recruiters. Plan where you will be sitting during the event ahead of time—make sure it’s quiet and there is a plain background behind you. Keep the recruiter’s eye focused on you.
  7. Arrive on time. It’s very important to show up at your selected session start time. Being on time shows the recruiter or employee ambassador that you’re dependable and respectful of their time as well.
  8. Maintain eye contact and practice active listening. Consider smiling and nodding occasionally as you would during an in-person conversation. Limit any distractions around you so that you’re not tempted to look away from your computer screen.
  9. Ask questions. Bring a list of prepared questions for each session. Having several questions ready will help you in case one or more of the questions are answered early by the employer. Have a pen and paper with you so you can jot down new questions that you think of during the conversation.

The Career Services staff remains available to provide service and resources to our students. We can be reached by email at CareerServices@CCIS.edu or by phone (573) 875-7425. You can schedule an appointment via Aviso, Zoom or Skype as well.



Make sure to review your loan status!

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The “new normal” of COVID-19 has obviously affected nearly every area of our lives. For those of you on Department of Education-held federal student loans, we wanted to provide an update on loan forbearance.

On March 27, Congress’ passage of the CARES Act provided a suspension of loan payments, a halt to collections on defaulted loans, and set interest rates to 0%. Under the CARES Act, these measures were set to run through September 30. On August 8, President Trump directed the Secretary of Education to continue the above forbearance measures on DoE-held student loans through December 31, 2020.

Now is the perfect time for you to review your loan statuses!

  • Know who your loan servicers are
  • Understand your repayment plans
  • Confirm when you are expected to resume payments.

For more information on federal loan forbearance due to COVID-19, please visit https://studentaid.gov/announcements-events/coronavirus.



Your library is here to help!

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We are very excited to have students, faculty and staff back in the library here on Main Campus, but we also wish to remind you of the various services that are available to our students nationwide. For starters, you can review course guides for each of your classes, or search the full list of full-text databases.

Help finding peer-reviewed articles
We can assist you in finding peer-reviewed articles for assignments if you need help. Contact us and we can give you a consultation on finding sources for your topic. If you contact us after library hours, email us and we will contact you the next business day.

Free virtual resources
Many free resources are being offered during the pandemic. Here are some links you might find helpful:

We’ve always been available in person as well as phone, email, and chat. Now, we are adding Zoom as an option. To set up a zoom session, use our email or chat function and send us a request, and we will send you the Zoom link to get started. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let us know! Email the library at library@ccis.edu or call us at (573) 875-7381.