Luana and Mikel Fields have owned and operated Cracked Up Mobile since March 2019. “I like that [owning your own business] puts all the responsibility on your back,” Mikel Fields said. “The opportunity is exponential when it’s all up to you.” – Photo by Ethan Wilson, Columbia Missourian.

Article and photo courtesy of the Columbia Missourian

by Angelina Edwards

Mikel Fields ’08 likes to keep his goals simple. He wants his business to provide a service to his community and help others.

Fields was a loyal customer of Cracked Up Mobile, a technology repair shop, when he discovered the previous owner was switching career paths and leaving the business.

Fields saw this as an opportunity to purchase a shop that would allow him to help, lead and inspire others.

“It was an opportunity to help almost everybody I know,” Fields said.

Fields and his wife, Luana ’10, purchased Cracked Up Mobile in April 2019. The business repairs mobile devices, laptops, computers, tablets and game consoles, as well as providing installation services for smart home devices and security cameras.

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