Scholarship Opportunities: Right on time!

By Jim McNally, director, Columbia College-Denver

Denver scholarship winners with oversized scholarship checks

Congratulations to Afaf Mahmood (left) and Brittany Fountain Quintana for receiving Halloran Scholarships worth more than $1,000.

Every year we look forward to presenting scholarship awards to our students, and with the COVID-19 challenges that we have faced this year, it is even more meaningful! It has been particularly difficult for students who have sustained a change or loss of employment. In addition, parents who reside overseas who fund their children’s education have experienced lockdown and permanent closure of their businesses due to COVID. We empathize with all our students’ situations, as it is not difficult to imagine the stress and hardship of living without financial stability, let alone experiencing these challenges in a foreign country.

Thus, we are pleased to announce that it’s the time of year to award our two Denver scholarships, the Halloran and the Jamison scholarships. Congratulations to Afaf Mahmood (left) and Brittany Fountain Quintana for receiving Halloran Scholarships worth more than $1,000. We also congratulate Rupesh Paudel and Sanjeev Bharati for earning Stephen Jamison Scholarship awards worth nearly $900.

The Denver location set up these two scholarship funds in memory of two brilliant and talented faculty members who taught for Columbia College-Denver several years ago.

The Jamison Scholarship was founded by former Denver Director Dr. Jesse Arman in honor of Stephen Jamison, who taught economics classes at our location. He was a talented, intelligent, and forward-thinking educator, who insightfully wove topics in economics with current events of the times, politics and cultural phenomena. His charisma, and deep understanding of the interconnectedness of culture politics and economics made him a popular and well-loved professor.

The second scholarship, the Halloran scholarship, was founded in honor of Edward Halloran, a brilliant, quick-witted and lively professor of marketing and international business, as well as a Columbia College alumnus! Edward was especially known for his big personality, always regaling staff and students with the most amazing stories, including his Vietnam days in the Navy. He was a passionate, global thinking and extremely engaging professor who was a published author and a lively and informative radio host in Boulder, Colorado.

Both annual scholarships are funded through contributions made by corporate partners, faculty, staff, and alumni. We appreciate all those who have generously donated to the scholarship funds, and be assured the award recipients are overwhelmed with gratitude! If you are interested in contributing to the scholarship, please contact me at or by phone at (303) 771-0176.