The New Year is here, keep your resolutions!

By Andrew Reeves, regional director, Columbia College Region C4 and Evening Program

Andrew ReevesAs we enter 2021, many of you have pondered what New Year’s resolutions to make for the coming year. In need of ideas? I’d like to propose three highly obtainable resolutions for 2021 that won’t end up as forgotten goals.

The first resolution is to get started on your degree at Columbia College. If you are interested in Columbia College, don’t postpone starting. I have found the longer you postpone something, the less likely you will accomplish it. Give me a call and I will guide you through the initial advising session, the application process, and registration. Getting started – check!

The second resolution is to continue your education here at Columbia College. For students who have already started their degree program, commitment is so important. If you have taken a term off, contact your advisor to assist you in returning. Don’t delay; act now! Statistically, our campus “stop-outs” (students who sit out for a session or more) have only six to 10 classes left to finish their degrees, which can be completed in a year by going fulltime. We can’t do your coursework for you, but we are still here to help motivate and see you through to your degree completion. Continue your education – check!

The third resolution is to stay connected and involved with Columbia College. Individual alumni and the Columbia College Alumni Association have been instrumental in spreading the word about the Evening Program, which helps us grow. Please continue to refer your family, friends and coworkers. We sincerely appreciate your continued support and enjoy hearing about your life after Columbia College. Stay connected – check!

Choose one of the above, contact us and we will help you check the resolution off your list.