Take advantage of scholarships!

By Vanessa Swindell, director, Columbia College-Jacksonville

Vanessa SwindellColumbia College prides itself on providing a quality education to a diverse range of traditional and nontraditional students all around the world. Whether you are a working adult going back to school to earn your degree, a servicemember getting an education while serving our country or a recent high school graduate just getting started on your journey of higher education, we want to support you as you pursue your dreams.

The college’s Advancement division supports the school’s mission by encouraging philanthropy to address the needs of the college community. As students, you will always be one of the college’s top priorities. So we’re here to serve you!

How do we do that? By promoting scholarships for our traditional Day Campus, our locations nationwide, the Evening and the Online programs to supporters who have great affinity for the college and what we do. Columbia College has many scholarships specifically designated for non-Day students that are offered on a yearly basis and can be used to offset a student’s educational costs. At your location, we offer the Jacksonville Metro scholarship. Ask your advisor about scholarship opportunities first, but you can also visit our Scholarship Finder or the Office of Financial Aid for additional information.

In addition to the quality instruction and work commitment our adjunct faculty put in to making sure Columbia College students are earning a top-notch educational experience, 41 percent of them also donated in 2019! We would not be able to offer these scholarships without the generous contributions of faculty, staff, alumni and students such as yourself.

People whose lives have been touched by Columbia College have given, and continue to give, so that future generations can enjoy all the institution has to offer. We hope that you’re benefiting from this generosity and will consider joining the ranks of donors to Columbia College. You can make a gift online at my.ccis.edu/givenow.

And don’t forget to take advantage of all the resources the college has to offer, such as the Grossnickle Career Services Center, the Stafford Library and, for our military students, the Ousley Family Veterans Service Center. Once you graduate — or if you’ve already earned your degree, congratulations! — you also automatically become a member of the Columbia College Alumni Association. Check out all the perks at my.ccis.edu.

We are CC!