Staying in touch during COVID

By MarJean Knokey, senior director, Columbia College-NS Everett/Marysville

MarJean Knokey, Whidbey IlandUnless you have been in hibernation on a space shuttle a light year from Earth, you know the world is in the midst of the most deadly pandemic since the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu. Virtually everyone has been impacted.

Due to the health emergency, Columbia College locations in Washington State transitioned to Zoom classes and remote advising in March of 2020 and will remain working remotely with Zoom classes until a time we have access to our offices. In addition, our team shrunk a wee bit, but we still have an outstanding staff to help you reach your educational goal.

Dr. Darin Hand and I work to oversee the staff at both locations. (Phone numbers below will transfer to advisors working remotely)

NS Everett/Marysville Staff NAS Whidbey Island Staff
Heather Binz, Student Support
Lawrence “Larry” Cousins, Academic Advisor
Arlene Hruby, Academic Advisor
Phone: (360) 653-4480
Rebecca Gaa, Student Support
Michelle McClain, Sr. Academic Advisor
Phone: (360) 279-9030

Let’s keep our minds nimble… take our trivia test! No cheating, put down your electronic devices and if you want answers contact one of the numbers above. Check out the trivia test on the Whidbey Newsletter for 10 more questions.

  • In what year did the military request Columbia College become of the first colleges in the country with extended venues on military bases to education military personnel?
  • What year was Navy Station Everett opened?
  • Who said, “I shall return”?
  • Lewis and Clark reached the Pacific Ocean in November ____year? The Corps established ____________and started the return to St. Louis in _______year?
  • Excluding some of the disputed areas, how many sovereign nations are in the world?
  • How many locations, excluding the online, main, and evening campus does Columbia operate?
  • What is the largest city in the world? How many inhabitants?
  • There are only two countries in the world where you cannot get Coca-Cola, name them?
  • What is the hottest temperature every recorded on the earth? Where?
  • What was the name of the third astronaut on the first moon landing mission? What was the name of the capsule he manned?

How did you do? Hope it was brain twister… call us, we miss you!