Staying in touch during COVID

By MarJean Knokey, senior director, Columbia College-Whidbey Island

MarJean Knokey, Whidbey IlandUnless you have been in hibernation on a space shuttle a light year from Earth, you know the world is in the midst of the most deadly pandemic since the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu. Virtually everyone has been impacted.

Due to the health emergency, Columbia College locations in Washington State transitioned to Zoom classes and remote advising in March of 2020 and will remain working remotely with Zoom classes until a time we have access to our offices. In addition, our team shrunk a wee bit, but we still have an outstanding staff to help you reach your educational goal.

Dr. Darin Hand and I work to oversee the staff at both locations. (Phone numbers below will transfer to advisors working remotely)

NS Everett/Marysville Staff NAS Whidbey Island Staff
Heather Binz, Student Support
Lawrence “Larry” Cousins, Academic Advisor
Arlene Hruby, Academic Advisor
Phone: (360) 653-4480
Rebecca Gaa, Student Support
Michelle McClain, Sr. Academic Advisor
Phone: (360) 279-9030

Let’s keep our minds nimble… take our trivia test! No cheating, put down your electronic devices and if you want answers contact one of the numbers above. Check out the trivia test on the NS Marysville/Everett Newsletter for 10 more questions.

  • What is the oldest town in Washington State?
  • When was NAS Whidbey Island officially commissioned?
  • How many named islands and reefs are there in San Juan County?
  • What year did Columbia College open at NAS Whidbey Island?
  • The Army and the Navy have met 116 times. To date, Navy has won ____times and Army has won _______times? There have been ______ties.
  • The longest river in the United States is ______________; the seventh longest river in the United States is _________________?
  • What year was the first traditional Ivy Chain ceremony held at Columbia College?
  • How many majors are offered online at Columbia College?
  • What is the most spoken language in the world?
  • Name the three astronauts on Apollo 11.

How did you do? Hope it was brain twister… call us, we miss you!



College update

by CCG staff (go to top)

David Russell head shotWe have a pair of updates from Main Campus in Columbia as you begin the semester. First, you may have seen earlier this month that the Board of Trustees named Dr. David Russell as interim president of the college following the resignation of Dr. Scott Dalrymple late last year.

Dr. Russell (right) had been a member of the college’s Board of Trustees since 2016 and served as Chair of the college’s governing body since July 1. He will serve in this position while a committee led by Rev. Dr. Brad Stagg, who will serve as the Acting Chair of the Board of Trustees, conducts a national search for a permanent president in the coming months.

Also, as set forth in our original return to campus guidelines back in the fall, we are set to resume instruction this semester. Most courses at Columbia College Global (CCG) locations are being offered in-seat, with appropriate social distancing, and include a virtual classroom option for students. This initiative expands on our existing expertise in virtual teaching and provides students with access to a wider selection of synchronous instruction.

Due to local and state regulations, some locations are not currently able to offer in-seat courses. In addition, locations that are hosted by a partner institution, such as locations on community college campuses or military installations, may not be able to offer in-seat courses if the partner institution has cancelled face-to-face education for the Spring Semester.

You should contact your location director if you are experiencing symptoms, have been exposed to COVID-19, or have tested positive for the virus. The important thing is that students who are experiencing symptoms, tested positive, or have been identified as a direct contact of a person who has COVID-19 should self-quarantine at their residence and not come to campus, and seek medical attention if they need it.

Please review the college’s full return-to-campus guidelines for more information.