There’s not a hidden secret to being a good leader. What you will find are key traits that make it easier to instill confidence and initiate action in the workplace. If you are in a leadership position or want to stand out in your role, it is never too late to refine your leadership skills.

Dan Gomez-Palacio, director of the Grossnickle Career Services Center, recommends two books on leadership that he turns to for inspiration.

“From the Bottom Up: One Man’s Crusade to Clean America’s Rivers”
by Chad Pregracke with Jeff Barrow

“This is a fun read about a guy – Chad Pregracke – who started a large nationwide river clean up organization. It offers good lessons on leadership from unlikely sources.”

Since founding Living Lands & Waters in 1998, Pregracke’s passion for environmental consciousness has enabled volunteers to remove more than 10 million pounds of garbage from America’s rivers. He published “From the Bottom Up” in 2008.

From The Bottom Up cover

“Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”
by Susan Cain

“Often career and leadership advice books are aimed towards extroverts – people who think nothing of networking or putting themselves out there. This book gives really good advice for introverts on how to succeed in a world often geared towards extroverts. It’s also helpful for those who manage introverts.”

Released in 2013, “Quiet” was a New York Times bestseller and named one of the best books of the year for its thoughtful exploration of introverts’ personality traits.

Quiet book cover

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