By Vanessa Swindell, director, Columbia College-Jacksonville

Did you know you can get your degree faster by taking advantage of summer sessions?

Few things are as highly anticipated in a college student’s life as the beginning of summer vacation, especially for us working adults and those with children. While summer may mean sun and relaxation for some students and spending time with family and kids for others, there are advantages to using the summer months to continue your education.

Summer classes may not be your idea of the perfect way to spend your vacation time, but in the long run you will be happy you did. With the six-session format, you can take half the summer off and still complete your degree on time, or you can push through and complete your degree faster! Noteworthy advantages to taking summer classes are early graduation, smaller class sizes and staying in the mode of studying because we all know it’s never easy to get back to work after an extended break.

Vanessa Swindell

Summer sessions are also a great time to take a “hard” class by itself, take a failed class over or simply retake a class you weren’t as successful in as you know you can be. You don’t have to take two; you don’t even have to take it in-seat. Columbia College offers the flexibility of taking classes online. Another advantage is that our sessions are only eight weeks long all year, so your summer classes won’t be shorter with the same amount of work. No stress! If you have vacation plans, or simply want to stay home with your kids, register for online classes and complete them when the kids are in bed. Challenge yourself to stay in school.

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