By Carthel Starks, director, Columbia College-Kings Bay

Nearly every college student faces the inevitable rite of passage known as group work at some point during his or her college career. The skills needed for effective group collaboration in an online setting are increasingly important, not only during degree completion, but also in the workforce.

U.S. News & World Report contributor Lila Romero highlights some strategies that can position you to get the most out of group work and to make the most of your group’s time. These are just a few helpful tips:

  1. Don’t be afraid to reach out first! Don’t waste time; introduce yourself and your skills to the group participants early. Interpersonal skills and relationship building are crucial even in online group collaboration.
  2. Do offer your contact information. Do you prefer to be emailed? Messaged in D2L? Also clueing your group members into your usual availability schedule can be a benefit.
  3. Do assign a project manager. This leadership role acts as a group liaison and can keep the group on track or communicate with the professor for clarifications on behalf of the entire group. 
  4. Don’t appoint just one person to edit. Allowing every member a chance to edit or proofread the items as they are formulated creates ownership and can catch more typos than just one person alone.
  5. Do use collaborative tools. Sharing devices like Dropbox can enhance the ease of collaboration.
  6. Don’t be a freeloader.There is nothing more frustrating than having a team member who doesn’t fully contribute. Don’t let that person be you.

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