Greetings CC alumni,

As I begin my term as chair of the CCAA Advisory Council, I have reflected on my time as a student at Columbia College and the many years that have passed since then. Life certainly has a way of taking twists and turns on a pathway and one day you find yourself coming full circle. That is exactly how I feel about serving on the Advisory Council. When I was a student I never thought that I would one day be back in this capacity. What a joy it is to be involved with our alma mater!

Since my time as a student, the college has grown so much, and just like our personal journey along our own paths, CC has taken its own twists and turns. It has not only survived but thrived. Recently, the college met the challenge of COVID-19 while continuing to provide an excellent education for our students. This was no small feat, and thanks to the hard work and dedication of our faculty and staff, we successfully navigated through a difficult time.

Debra Carnahan
Debra Carnahan ’82
Chair, CCAA Advisory Council

We capped off a year to remember with the presentation of the 2020-21 alumni awards. If you haven’t watched the ceremony, I encourage you to take a look at Your chest just might swell with pride as did mine when I heard their stories and what their CC experience and education meant to them. You can also read about the winners starting on page 26 of this magazine.

I am excited for what lies ahead and eager to get back to in-person Advisory Council meetings instead of Zoom! One of my goals is to increase participation by our alumni, and you can help me with that goal. Be on the lookout for new programming and initiatives in the coming months. It’s an easy lift when we all pitch in! Together we can make a difference and continue with excellence in education.

Together, we are CC!

Debra Carnahan ’82

Debra Carnahan ’82 is an attorney and principal of Carnahan Global Consulting with her husband, former Congressman Russ Carnahan. She is a regular panelist on the PBS award-winning program “To The Contrary with Bonnie Erbe” and a prominent public speaker. Debra is a retired judge and former assistant U.S. attorney and state prosecutor. Debra received the CCAA Distinguished Alumni Award in 2005. She resides in St. Louis along her with husband and their two sons, Austin and Andrew.