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By Grossnickle Career Services Center

One thing that we have all learned to do over the last year is adapt. With COVID continuing to upend what we used to consider “normal,” adaptability in the classroom has become more important than ever. We used to have to give thought to where you sit in the classroom but that classroom may now be your home office with taking virtual classes. It is incredibly important that when taking classes in the virtual classroom that you treat it as you would when coming into the classroom. When taking classes in the virtual setting you must think about your surroundings even more so than you may have done when coming to the classroom. Here are questions and tips to consider when deciding to take classes virtually:

Andrew Reeves
  1. Create an environment that is conducive to your learning
  2. Be in an area that is distraction free
  3. Treat the virtual classroom as you would the traditional classroom. This includes appropriate dress, appropriate communication with your peers/instructor, and a student mindset
  4. Always have a webcam with your video on. Instructors and students get less out of the class when webcams are not on.
  5. Integrate yourself into the discussion/activities. It is easy to feel isolated in the virtual environment so be sure to participate as an active student

The virtual option is a great option for students, especially during these uncertain times. This option offers some flexibility for students and allows education to continue in ways we never thought was possible before. Being prepared and being an active student in the virtual world will make your classroom experience even more enjoyable.