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The Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory™ regularly reveals that academic advising is only eclipsed by good teaching as the most important service a college can provide its students. Unfortunately, just like good medical care and legal advice, unless you seek it out, good academic advising won’t come looking for you. Most often the academic advisors serving our Columbia College online students stay plenty busy advising those who have sought their guidance. They typically can’t contact their assigned advisees just to see “if” they need assistance. It is in every student’s best interest to regularly schedule an advising appointment, at least once a semester (two sessions).

So why seek advising? There are many reasons, but the following are worthy examples:

Ellen Parham
Ellen Parham, director, Columbia College-Fort Stewart
  • Keep you on track toward degree completion and avoid taking unnecessary courses which could delay your degree completion. This is especially true if it has been quite some time since your last advising appointment and/or you have taken courses not specifically recommended by your advisor.
  • Opportunity! Your advisor will be able to look at your academic record and advise you about program enhancements such as minors, additional majors or dual degrees. Sometimes, based on the courses you have previously taken, only minor changes or additions to the courses you plan to take will allow you to achieve a significantly enhanced program outcome (e.g. minor; additional major; etc.).
  • No surprises! The last thing you want to have happen as you plan to attend commencement or begin seeking post-graduation employment is to find out when you will “really” graduate is different from when you “thought” you would graduate. Seniors, those students with less than 30 credit hours left in their program, should make an appointment with their advisor and declare their intent to graduate. This will trigger a final scrutiny of your academic record that will prevent any unpleasant last-minute surprises.

To schedule an appointment with your advisor, log in to your CougarTrack and select the “Online Advisor Scheduling (AgileGrad)” link on the left side of the page in your CC Links.