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Our campus is currently preparing to celebrate the fifth anniversary of our partnership with our host, Imperial Valley College. Columbia College-Imperial serves the many students in the region of Imperial County, California, who are interested in a higher education, yet you can say our niche is serving the local student whom is finishing up their associate degree at our host campus, Imperial Valley College (IVC). The partnership agreement affords many benefits to those whom are associates degree bound, hence the majority of students coming from the community college system, IVC in particular.

Also, it is worth noting that Columbia College-Imperial also aims at establishing local business partnerships, to encourage the local workforce of Imperial County to continue their pursuit of a higher education, as it is far more of a tangible objective to consider when the employer is on board and incentives exist such as tuition discounts for workforce via business partnerships. Imperial Irrigation District, a top employer of the Imperial County region with approximately 1,500 employees, is our most recent business partner.

Guillermo Salgado
Guillermo Salgado, program coordinator, Columbia College-Imperial

Columbia College-Imperial offer accessibility, affordability, and high-quality education with the convenience of courses offered online and in-seat at the Imperial Valley College campus. Well over 80% of our transfer students have taken at least some of their college hours at IVC, and many have completed degrees there.

I think it is important to look carefully at what Columbia College-Imperial offers to its students:

  • Accessibility—Columbia College has what is called ‘open enrollment’, which means that all who complete the application process are accepted. Applicants enter our school with a fresh start, a new opportunity to succeed at college as they gain and reinvent their skills for our changing workforce. Additionally, our classes are offered in a variety of formats to meet the many learning and lifestyle needs of busy adult learners.
  • Affordability—It is so important these days! We all worry about how to pay for college, and Columbia College – Imperial answers that worry by keeping tuition as low as possible, charging no additional fees and including textbooks in our tuition.
  • Quality—All of our instructors bring experience in their field to the classroom and share this expertise with the students. Each has been educated to at least the master’s level if not higher, and each is rigorously reviewed by our faculty before being given the honor of teaching our students. Columbia College-Imperial is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Universities and has the stamp of approval of the Higher Learning Commission.

As we look to the future we look forward to serving our community for many years to come. To help us celebrate our fifth year at IVC, drop by our office which is located inside the Student Services Building #100, on campus at Imperial Valley College. If for some reason a physical visit is not possible, feel free to call or email your local Program Coordinator, Guillermo Salgado at (442) 252-1405 or (760) 355-5746, or email at gsalgado@ccis.edu.