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The realm of higher education recognizes that personal and professional development is identified through exceptional milestones. The Lake County/Great Lakes location is pleased to announce one such milestone. Lake County instructor Ribhi Salhi recently earned his Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration. Dr. Salhi is an example of how continued education enhances one’s personal and professional life.

Dr. Salhi is proud to have taught courses such as American Politics, International Relations, and Middle East Society & Culture at our Lake County location since the Fall Semester of 2008 while working toward completing his own educational goals.

Dr. Ribhi Salhi

Dr. Salhi explains, “Education is a great resource to equip us with all necessary tools of life’s dilemmas.” Making it clear that educators and academic professionals strive to provide quality education to students, not only to present better occupational opportunities but also to help develop students into critical-problem solving thinkers.

Dr. Salhi emphasizes that he is excited to teach our students for many years to come. We hope that the longevity and dedication of instructors such as Dr. Salhi will inspire our students to establish and accomplish their goals. Columbia College is proud to work with Dr. Salhi and other educators dedicated to students’ success within the classroom and beyond degrees. With the ever-changing and evolving world of education, we are excited to continue to provide our students with quality and flexible opportunities, therefore, enthusiastically jumping into the 2021-22 academic year with our accomplished instructors like Dr. Salhi.