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A recent graduate of ours got her diploma in the mail a couple weeks ago. She worked really hard for this diploma, raising two kids, working, finishing up coursework in her free time. We hear that story a lot from our students, a tiny glimpse into their personal lives.

Sometimes we get lost in the workload, the call lists, the issues we have to deal with that makes things harder for us to do our jobs. Student service isn’t always easy. But all the quick back-and-forth emails, all the voicemails, all the short phone conversations, all the processing and degree audit interpretation, all the day-to-day eventually leads up to this moment:

Joie Hendricks
Joie Hendricks, director, Columbia College-Online Program
image of two children holding their mother's diploma in their living room. Both children are bearming.

These babies are proud of their mom. She did it for them.

We work hard to support you, since we know you work even harder.

We’re there for each of you so that you can have a moment like this one. We Are CC!