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Columbia College is a complicated organization, serving the traditional 18-22 year old student and non-traditional civilian and military adult students, in a multitude of modalities. Columbia College has more than 30 locations in 12 states and a location at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The Main Campus and Evening and Online Programs are in Columbia, Missouri.

How does a diverse and complicated school like Columbia College serve the educational needs of all the students? One answer was to create regions for the unique program coordinators and directors at the locations under the guidance of a regional director.

MarJean Knokey, Whidbey Iland
Senior Director of Military Region 3 MarJean Knokey

Military locations are sorted by either military service or proximity. Civilian locations are sorted as stand-alone locations, defined as offices and classrooms in Columbia owned or leased buildings outside of Columbia, Missouri; or two-by-two locations which are Columbia College offices at community colleges.

The locations in Military Region 3 are:

  • Redstone Arsenal, Alabama
  • Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota
  • Honolulu, Hawaii, a unique location that services military installations in Oahu, including Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Schofield Barracks, Kaneohe, Tripler Army Medical Center, and USCG Base Honolulu
  • Whidbey Island, Washington
  • NS Everett/Marysville, Washington

One proud member of the Military Region 3 team is at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, an office dedicated to serving the needs of military affiliated civilians and active duty members. We have bid a fond farewell to John Adams, who has retired as director. While we work to fill the position, our dedicated team to serve our prospective and current students are Assistant Director Frank Lasher, Academic Advisor Sarah Bates and Lead Faculty Member Dr. Jeffrey Purcell. It is the people that make a location and none are more dedicated and passionate to help you than the staff at Redstone Arsenal.

Be sure to read other articles in this newsletter outlining Columbia College’s newest of many initiatives designed to serve our prospective and current students. The college has an exemplary tradition of service and change… see the latest and make an appointment to meet with a Redstone Arsenal team member.

A fond farewell to John Adams, you will be missed.

I am proud to serve as the senior regional director of Military Region 3!