By Chris Lievsay, assistant director, Columbia College-Kansas City

My Columbia College journey really started many years ago right after I completed my associate degree at the local community college. I had a new job, a new girlfriend, and the next logical place to continue my higher education was the state university down the street. I tried it for one semester and it just wasn’t working out. I couldn’t justify the cost of taking the amount of loans out, and it wasn’t set up for a working adult like me.

A few years later, that new girlfriend and I had been married a few years, and it was time for me to find a way to complete my degree. That’s when I found Columbia College.

Chris Lievsay, assistant director, Columbia College-Kansas City
Chris Lievsay, assistant director, Columbia College-Kansas City

I went on to complete my BSBA and MBA at Columbia College, was awarded the Frank S. Westling Scholarship, and was able to leverage those degrees into better jobs and even worked in higher education for a while. Even more exciting, I started teaching for the Kansas City location where I had previously attended through, and joined the Columbia College Alumni Association where I served for several years.

Chris as a student with Cindy Miller, director, Columbia College Region C2 and Kansas City

Now, nearly 15 years after taking my first class at CC, I was honored to be hired as the assistant director here at the Kansas City location. The staff feels like a family, and we work together with the precision of a special forces team. The same director that awarded me the scholarship as a student, hired me as an instructor in my field, and put up with me at alumni events has now given me the opportunity to make dreams come true just like mine did.

I am grateful for the journey, and proud the destination now means I am part of the CC team!