By Kelly Nekvinda, director, Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County

We are in unprecedented times, people around the world are finding themselves homebound for long periods at a time, we have to do things differently.

You may be home alone, or quarantined along with your family—either way, studying for an exam will need an adjustment. Prior to the pandemic, you could study at a coffee shop or library but we’re now readjusting to a new normal where at times home studying is the only option.

Here are some pointers on how to study efficiently while at home, whatever your situation might be.

  1.  Set goals that are realistic and develop a plan.
  2. Make a study space somewhere in your home. Make sure you have an area free of clutter. Ensure the area is clean and a quite space. This should be where you do all of your studying.

Kelly Nekvinda
Kelly Nekvinda, director, Columbia College of Missouri-Lake County
  1. Let others at home know that you will be studying. Try to have a set time so others will know that you need this time period to be quiet.
  2. Tune out distractions. If there is distractions in the home try tuning the noise out with headphones, classic music works great!
  3. Reward yourself. This pandemic is challenging. Doing school from home and preparing for exams is tough, when you study and focus, reward yourself!
  4. Form study groups using social media tools. Check in with each other and choose the topics you are to study each day so you are keeping each other on track.
  5. Make sure to have social time with your study group virtually.

The pandemic can make you feel isolated and stressed. Adding school work to this can make things seem impossible at times. Remember to reach out to your advisor or professor if you are struggling with school in isolation.