Greetings community members and prospective students from the Columbia College-Orlando Team! Because we have been remote for so long, I feel a need to re-introduce myself. I am Aaron Williams, the director of Columbia College-Orlando, and I am very pleased and proud to return as part of the Orlando Community!

The 2020-21 school year was a challenging time for all of us. Here at Columbia College-Orlando, we face many of the same uncertainties as other organizations. The things I am most hopeful for in our entire Columbia College community is that we look for opportunities to assist, respect, and protect each other.

Simultaneously, while we all work through these uncertain times, and as difficult as it may seem, it is also imperative that we as individuals remain diligent in our quests toward personal success, so I want to impart a very important message to our community. Columbia College-Orlando has re-opened and ready to continue to meet your educational needs!

Aaron Williams, Orlando

For those community members that have always aspired to attend college but never thought that they could, here is your opportunity! Our admissions application is free, and we are an open enrollment institution, which means there are no admissions hassles! All you need to start the process of enrolling into Columbia College-Orlando is proof of your high-school diploma or your GED! For identification purposes, remember to bring your driver’s license or state ID card, and you could be taking classes in our upcoming spring session!

Not sure how you would pay your tuition? No problem! We also have financial aid available for those who qualify. Our team of professional advisors and support assistants will walk you through the financial aid process as well as the admissions application.

If your job schedule is not flexible, we are! We now offer classes in virtual, in-seat, and online formats. We will build a schedule that works around your busy day or night that can result in a certification, 2-year associate degree, or a 4-year bachelor’s degree and we offer over 120 different degree programs!

So, now that you know that Columbia College-Orlando is near you and re-opened, come on around the corner and enroll now! Again, we are located right here in your community on the corner of Colonial Drive and John Young Parkway, at 2600 Technology Drive in Orlando. If you cannot visit in person, please give us a call at (407) 293-9911, or email us at

Get started NOW! Columbia College-Orlando cannot wait to get you started on that college degree you never thought would happen.