By Paige Woods, director, Columbia College-Redstone Arsenal

The boys of summer are back! Baseball requires strategy, skill, discipline and focus from every player in order to create an All-Star Little League team or a World Series-winning team. The Columbia College-Redstone Arsenal staff and students parallel the very strategies that make baseball the great American sport it is.

The Columbia College staff is like the team’s management staff. We are ready to guide you through a college career like a manager guides a player through a baseball career. The professor is your coach who trains you in the fundamentals of your field or discipline. Your academic advisor is your umpire who provides sound advice on course selection, and assists you with policy and procedures set forth by the college (the baseball organization).

Redstone Arsenal Director Paige Woods

It is up to you, the player, to utilize the skills your coach taught you to perform to the best of your ability on game day (quizzes, midterm and final exams). Once you turn in your homework (hit the ball), take your quizzes (run the bases), and complete your final exams (make it home to score a run), you are a skilled student and team player ready for the next at bat.

I am optimistic that you are focused, disciplined and ready to join the boys of summer and take courses this session at Columbia College-Redstone Arsenal. You’re sure to hit one out of the park. PLAY BALL!