Career Readiness and Education Abroad Coordinator Jordan Hudson

Columbia College is proud to offer Education Abroad opportunities for its students, so they can partake in a full semester abroad, participate in a short study trip or advance their professional resume with work overseas. The college boasts exchange partnerships with five international institutions in the United Kingdom, South Korea and Japan.

Leading the study abroad charge at CC is Career Readiness and Education Abroad Coordinator Jordan Hudson. While she has only been on the job for six months, Hudson hit the ground running as the Spring 2022 semester concluded.

“I’m responsible for providing support to students throughout their internship process, enhancing their experience and assisting them with their internship search,” said Hudson. “I’m also responsible for the Education Abroad programs, capturing student experiences while abroad, planning Education Abroad events and trips and collaborating with different partners we have programs under.”

The first major CC Education Abroad trip under Hudson’s watch occurred in May, as 12 students and two faculty members enjoyed a 10-day tour of Europe. In conjunction with Assistant Professor of Psychology Dr. Blake Nielsen’s “Psychology of the Holocaust” class, the students were able to get a first-hand look at some of the most historically significant sites of World War II. While understanding the Holocaust was the primary focus of the trip, attendees were also able to enjoy the beauty of the continent during stops in Munich, Nuremberg, Prague, Dresden and Berlin.

One of Hudson’s duties as Education Abroad coordinator is to record feedback following each trip and work to improve the students’ overall experience. CC’s study abroad program is open to not only day program students, but Columbia College Global (CCG) and online students earning their degrees across the country are also welcome to participate.

Following the memorable 10-day trip to Europe, one of the attendees, Kelly Lazarow, shared her powerful experience with Hudson and the Education Abroad office.

Being an online student, I was very happy to hear about the Education Abroad opportunity. For myself being able to be “included” with the traditional on-campus students to share the same opportunities is HUGE. The CC study abroad program allowed me to build relationships not only academically but personally. Overall, my experience was a 10 out of 10. All the CC staff included went above and beyond to get myself and fellow classmates comfortable and ready for our trip. My professors were knowledgeable, very helpful, personable, always willing to answer questions or concerns and most importantly FUN.

 While she’s still new to the CC community, it hasn’t taken long for Hudson to fall in love with her new role. As a member of the Grossnickle Career Services Center, opportunities are aplenty each day to impact the lives of students. Looking ahead, she eyes expanded offerings for CC Education Abroad.

“The most exciting part of my role is forming relationships with students and being able to come in and find new ways to offer them a new experience,” said Hudson. “A few things I hope to accomplish for the Education Abroad program would be to expand to more countries and form more partnerships to offer to our students. I would also like to work on solidifying an alternative to study abroad for the students who can’t always participate for different reasons. This alternative would be traveling to different cities in the U.S. and visiting companies within their degree program for job shadowing experiences.”

With the 2022-23 Columbia College school year beginning soon, CC Education Abroad will offer three exciting opportunities next May. Future trips to France, Costa Rica and Italy are currently available for all students. For more information on how to apply, visit CC Education Abroad online.

“These trips will expose our students to a once-in-a-lifetime experience while having the ability to learn and have fun in a different country,” said Hudson. “Being surrounded by new cultures and ways of life opens you up to becoming a better and more knowledgeable person by pulling you out of your comfort zone and showing you that your way of life is not the only way of life.”

Hudson helps capture CC students’ experiences with Education Abroad and assists in planning future events and trips