By Jeremy Jacob – Sports Editor, The Mexico Ledger

Columbia College head baseball coach Darren Munns has impacted the lives of countless young men.

Munns has coached college baseball for 30 years, teaching virtues such as leadership and perseverance. He felt the lessons were so valuable that they should be shared with everyone so he wrote a new book called “Cheers to Baseball” that can be purchased on Amazon right now.

Throughout the years, Munns said he has seen many “wide-eyed” freshmen introduced into the programs he has led. Many times, those freshmen became contributors to winning teams – as he has done recently with the recently revived Columbia College program – but have also become contributors to society after baseball.

“Baseball is a vehicle to hopefully get a degree and teach them life lessons,” Munns said. “When they get out, they had a great experience, and they created lifelong relationships. Baseball is my passion, and it’s the players’ passion so it’s a natural connection, but you use it as a vehicle to accomplish those other things. It’s fun to watch a guy that is a 17-18-year-old freshman four of five years later grow into a young man.”

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