By Debra Hartman, senior director, Columbia College of Missouri Region C1 and Crystal Lake

Sometimes it can be easy for the public, our staff, students and others to think of Columbia College as a small college. Although the college has the feeling of a small campus, we are much larger than most realize. You are invited to enjoy some trivia that will give you an even greater appreciation of your college.

Cool Fact No. 1: Columbia College provides more than 40 locations to serve students in addition to a robust Online Program. Robust as in, more than 1,000 online courses! As a result of our desire to provide quality education to underserved populations (think busy working adults and military students), Columbia College educates thousands of students around the world each year!

Cool Fact No. 2: Columbia College never missed a day of classes during the Civil War! Faculty members continued to teach even though they knew there was a possibility that they would not get paid.

Crystal Lake Senior Director Debra Hartman

Cool Fact No. 3: Columbia College was one of the first colleges to extend campuses to military bases in order to educate military personnel. That’s right, back in 1973, starting with the St. Louis, Missouri, campus.

Cool Fact No. 4: Luella St. Clair, a “steam engine in petticoats,” served three terms as president and was one of the country’s first female college presidents.

Cool Fact No. 5: Columbia College has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report, Military Times, and other groups and organizations for providing quality education at an affordable price in a student-centered manner.

Cool Fact No. 6: Columbia College’s athletics teams demonstrate excellence year after year while maintaining excellence in the classroom. It’s good to be a Cougar. And did you know you can watch Cougar teams in action online? Yes! You can stream live games for free through the Cougars’ homepage.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the things there are to be proud about at Columbia College. I hope you feel the same way. Want to discover more interesting stuff? Visit the Columbia College Archives Facebook page. As always, please contact our office whenever you find that we can be of assistance to you.