At the Columbia College Grossnickle Career Services Center, students have constant support as they explore their academic interests and possible career paths after graduating from the college. In March, Amanda Wooden was named the new director of CC Career Services.

Across all departments at Columbia College, students play a pivotal role in the daily operations alongside full-time staff. The Grossnickle Career Services Center is no different, as several students have made a major impact every day.

Throughout the 2022-23 school year, CC Connected will feature some of the student interns who have helped provide support for their peers as they transition from college to the workplace.


Grossnickle Career Services Center Student Intern Amberlin Dupre.

My name is Amberlin Dupre, but my friends and family call me Ambo. I’m a senior finishing my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and plan to apply to graduate schools in the Spring. My primary academic interest is in personality theory and psychometric testing. My long-term career goal is to obtain a role that allows me to administer and score personality assessments for talent recruitment and diagnosis of psychological disorders.

The Psychology field encompasses a diverse array of disciplines, so there are many different paths to choose from when seeking internship opportunities. My summer internship was at The University of Missouri’s Personality Dynamics Lab, where I was able to expand my knowledge on how to conduct research. I enjoyed participating in each step in the process. It helped me better understand what my potential research experience would look like when I pursue grad school. It has always been a dream of mine to be granted authorship in a peer-reviewed publication, and I believe this experience will greatly contribute to me reaching that goal.

However, navigating a summer internship as a full-time student with a full-time job amid a pandemic was not easy. Learning new and unfamiliar concepts can be challenging, especially when you have to do it virtually. Unfortunately, I contracted Covid-19 in the middle of the session and was forced to take a week off. It’s important to be adaptable, maintain integrity throughout the process, and muster a willingness to ask for help, grace, and patience.

My faculty sponsor at Columbia College, Professor Smola, was truly fantastic and so understanding and helpful throughout the process. For any student who may be wondering, “should I intern?” – the answer is YES! Even though there were many bumps along the way, I enjoyed being able to apply the concepts I have learned throughout my academic career in place of a regular class.

Internships help you get excited about your future industry, network with potential job prospects, and provide clarity about your future career path. Whichever position you choose to explore – don’t hesitate to lean on your mentors, peers, and awesome faculty!