By Dr. Shadel Hamilton, VP of Columbia College Global

Happy New Year!

I want to take this opportunity to formally introduce myself to the Columbia College Global student community. I joined Columbia College in September and could not be prouder to oversee our 43 locations nationwide and our Online Program. As we begin a new year, I look forward to continuing the tradition of innovation at this respected institution and elevating you, our students.

My first 90 days on the job provided countless glimpses into what makes CC special. I strongly believe in our mission to deliver affordable quality education and to help students from registration to degree completion in an individualized, flexible setting. I have met with leaders across our 15-state footprint and witnessed successes and life-changing experiences for students from all walks of life, especially those of you whose educational journey has not followed a “traditional” route. As of this writing, I’ve visited 22 of our locations and I look forward to making more visits and meeting more of you in the days, weeks and months ahead in 2023.

Dr. Shadel Hamilton

Columbia College Global students represent a diverse array of interests, passions and strengths. While each of you possesses unique characteristics, I have seen first-hand our students’ common desire to better themselves – and in doing so, better the world around them. Whether it’s earning a degree to launch or advance your career, finishing a degree you previously started, or continuing higher education with a graduate degree, my sincere hope is every student who comes through one of our programs departs fully equipped to make a difference as a leader in the world.

We place a high priority on providing easily accessible education to all adult learners who are balancing work, family and school, including our active men and women serving in the military, veterans and their families. There is support every step of the way from resources including specialized Academic Advising, the Grossnickle Career Services Center and the Ousley Family Veterans Service Center. This is all part of the commitment we have worked to fulfill over the course of the past 50 years of serving adult learners like you.

Thank you for warmly welcoming my family and me into the CC family. We’re just getting started!

Yours in education,

Dr. Shadel Hamilton
Vice President, Columbia College Global