Fund steward Carla McFarland, center, poses with Barnhouse Memorial Scholarship recipients Urshula Winston, left, and Sally Kessell during the 2023 Celebration of Philanthropy Luncheon on Tuesday, April 11, at the Southwell Complex. Photo by Columbia College Photographer & Graphic Designer Abigail Wade

A deep sense of gratitude permeated the Southwell Complex on Tuesday, April 11, as nearly 200 people gathered for Columbia College’s second annual Celebration of Philanthropy Luncheon.

The event provides an opportunity to recognize the generosity of contributors who support scholarships and to publicly thank members of the college’s giving societies, which include the Cornerstone Club, President’s Society and St. Clair Society.

Contributors and student scholarship recipients shared a meal while discussing their Cougar connections.

“I have been able to spread my wings in a place that feels like home,” says sophomore Emily Cote, who received two of the more than 125 scholarships highlighted during the program. “Because of the financial contributions I have received at Columbia College, I have been able to have a full and enriched college experience. Without these scholarships, my college experience would be a lot different.

“I want to say thank you personally to the donors on behalf of myself and many other students here at Columbia College. We would not be here without you.”

Fund steward and former Columbia College Dean for Student Affairs Faye Burchard, right, poses with Faye Burchard Student Leadership Award recipient Emily Cote during the 2023 Celebration of Philanthropy Luncheon on Tuesday, April 11, at the Southwell Complex. Photo by Columbia College Photographer & Graphic Designer Abigail Wade

Bill Seibert ’09, the recipient of the 2023 Columbia College Alumni Association Professional Achievement Award, received a standing ovation after delivering remarks about his reason for giving back.

Seibert started at Columbia College in the 1970s but did not finish his degree until he took online classes through the St. Louis location to further his professional pursuits. He served as assistant superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol – the No. 2 position in the 2,300-person agency – and as executive director of the Missouri Gaming Commission. He now is an ordained deacon in the Catholic church.

Seibert supports the African American Legacy of Excellence Award as one of its fund stewards.

“There was and still is a need to say thank you,” Seibert says of supporting his alma mater. “Through life’s experiences, struggles and successes, I trust Columbia College to continue to serve and be willing to walk with those who need you. I trust you to continue to hold your charges’ feet to the fire but be there for them when needed. I trust you to continue your excellence and outreach to alumni as you have done with me.

“And through this trust, I am committed to Columbia College, because you never relinquished your commitment to me. I am proud to continue to support Columbia College financially, with my time and with what little talents I have.

“No matter how old or young you are, there is a legacy here — a legacy that needs to continue to be built and is only possible when we truly realize that ‘We Are CC.’”

Fund steward Bill Seibert ’09, far left, poses with African American Legacy of Excellence Award recipients, from second to left, D’ashanae Govan, Dehajnae West and Trendon Tisdale during the 2023 Celebration of Philanthropy Luncheon on Tuesday, April 11, at the Southwell Complex. Photo by Columbia College Photographer & Graphic Designer Abigail Wade

Members of the college community from across 43 nationwide locations and beyond watched via Zoom as Vice President for Advancement Suzanne Rothwell shared that the college has awarded over $700,000 in donor-supported scholarships this year. Rothwell noted the need for financial aid was displayed by the more than 200 applications for the 12 available CCAA Scholars Program awards.

“Our mission at Columbia College is to improve lives,” Rothwell says. “Contributors, because of all of you, that mission is made possible. Thank you for making a difference.”

The success of the fifth annual Giving Day campaign on March 23 further illustrated the inspiring generosity of those who support the college, Rothwell says. While the goal entering Giving Day was to raise $150,000 in recognition of the 50th anniversary of Columbia College Global, early momentum allowed the college to increase that goal to $172,000 in honor of the 172nd anniversary of CC. By the end, Giving Day supporters exceeded both of those goals, as the initiative raised nearly $188,000.

Missy Montgomery, assistant vice president for Development, honored scholarships created in the past year. These awards include the Dorothy Bennett ’46 Scholarship, the Robert and Maryellen Batt ’47 Scholarship, the Sergeant Johanny Rosario Pichardo Endowed Scholarship and the Penny Pitman ’65 Scholarship.

Fund stewards of more than 25 existing scholarships attended the celebration, with many of them meeting the recipients of their awards.

“Just like every donor has a reason for giving, every student has a reason for being appreciative,” Montgomery says.

Below is a full list of scholarships and awards as well as the 2023 student recipients:

Military and athletic awards are not included.

Academic Promise Scholarship
Korben Rice

African American Legacy of Excellence Award
Dehajnae West
Trendon Tisdale
D’ashanae Govan

Alla Mae Baker Memorial Scholarship
Courtney Wampler

Allene Preston Jones Scholarship Fund
Urshula Winston

Althea W. and John A. Schiffman Ethics, Religious Studies and Philosophy Scholarship
Joshua Brush

Anthony S. Marshall Scholarship Award in Business Administration
D’ashanae Govan

Anthony W. Rollins Award
Olivia Skipworth

Artie Mason Carter Award
Cori Winkelman

Assisting Women’s Achievement Military Heroes
Twhyla Kirby

Assisting Women’s Achievement Scholarship
Cathy Ellingsworth
Christina Holt
Norah Baluka
Karla Santos Bolanos
Alyssa Giles
Madison Wright
Kelli Denton
Erin Shults
Afida Ishikova
Shamarea Houston
Zoe McDermit
Samantha Rustemeyer
Tanail Coleman
Taylor Oringderff
Deanna Smith
Mindy Nichols
Rachael Abney
Jerryca Warfield
Ashleigh Johnson
Colbey Reeves
Kimberly Meacham
Holly Naff
Lyzbeth Collazo
Hannah Porter
Sandra Herring
Katherine Ramirez
Randi Noyes
Deborah Warren-Tilford
Da’ajahnae Mitchell
Crystal Dickerson-Schlechta
Sabrina Beck
Andrea Smith
Emily Suzanne White
Jamela Kimbrough
Renita Goins
Tara Milo
Lauren Donati
Tameka Lester

Barnhouse Memorial Scholarship
Sally Kessell
Urshula Winston

Bell Stixrud Legacy Scholarship
Nakeezia Murff

Ben and Brooke Cameron Art Scholarship Fund
Korben Rice

Betti Friedel Saunders Scholarship
Maddy Schrader

Betty Adams Crouch Excellence in Business Scholarship
Drew Podowski

Betty Hanebaum Memorial Scholarship
Mariia Mykhailychenko

Boone County Endowed Scholarship
Kaytlin Hoehne

Bowen and Virginia Rogers Scholarship
Claire Graver

Buena Ridenhour Lansford Scholarship in Business
Tasia Davis
Kami Votaw
William Essner

Carol Chatfield Frobish Scholarship
Hannah Bishop

CCAA Scholars Program
Jacob Anderson
Jonathan Beck
Dale Boswell
Bob Ekoh
Justin Harris
Dentron Johnson
Jeffrey Johnson
Kathe Nox Lenisky
Catrina Milo
Adriana Ortiz
Angelina Snyder
Christian Sudding

Central Bank of Boone County Scholarship
Joshua Joiner
Hannah Porter

Christina M. Lyon ’02 Memorial Scholarship
Lacey Bouley

Class of 1949 Scholarship
Lucas Whitworth

Coffey-Poehlein Family Scholarship
Delaney Moser

Daisy Willis Grossnickle ’66 Educational Scholarship
Karalynn Fisher
Delaney Moser

Daniel Scotten MBA Scholarship
Kailyn Sheehan

David O’Hagan Music Scholarship
Ashton Trimmer

Disciples of Christ Supplementary Award
Nautica Varnum

Dorothy Heinkel Endowment
Desirae McCracken

Dr. Edward F. & Carol Alexander Coffman ’46 Scholarship
Ijinmachukwu “Glory” Nkwocha

Dr. Jay A. Siegel Memorial Award
Katherine Vogel

Dr. Ron D. Taylor Scholarship Fund
Kimberly Groseclose

Dr. Sally Hubbard ’57 Scholarship
Emma Minton
Logan Jonson

Dr. Tina Engel Dalrymple Excellence in Nursing Endowed Scholarship
Olivia Skipworth

Edgar Desmond Lee Scholarship
Cheyenne Heuman

The Elizabeth Award
Lindsey Campbell

Elizabeth Estes Gentry Scholarship
Jamie McGuire

Eloise Green Bates Scholarship in the Arts
Mikeala Woodward

Emelda B. Harris Scholarship
Alex Gordon

Estill H. and Patti R. Skinner Evening Campus Scholarship
Kaylein Wilson

Eva Johnston Scholarship
Courtney Wampler

Evening Campus Scholarship
Cathy Ellingsworth

Faye Burchard Student Leadership Award
Emily Cote

First Christian Church of Columbia, Missouri, Christian College Scholarship
Josie Wright

Fisher Downing Memorial Endowment Fund
Sierra Elking

Dillingham Family Scholarship Fund
Harrison Mason
Andrela Heidelberg
Joey Senevey

Frances Dillingham Family Music Fund Showcase Award
Chris Deeken
A. Silvey
Kourtnei Tucker
Ashton Trimmer
Harrison Mason

Genevieve Koontz Buchanan Scholarship
Danielle Martin

George Ann and Sidney Larson Scholarship
Mariana Mick

George C. Miller Scholarship
Kami Votaw

Georgia Kateman, RN Nursing Scholarship
Milagros Castellanos
Georgia Hoellering

Give Me Liberty History Scholarship
Kenneth Miller

Glenna Mae Kubach Accounting Scholarship
Austin Dawson

Golden June March Palmer Scholarship
Jordyn Czerw

Grev Scholars Award Est. Mark A. Foreman
Hailey Emmanuel

Gwenneth M. Pennington Brown Scholarship
Cheyenne Heuman

H. Jane Blackman M.D. ’64 Scholarship
Kenzie Rutledge

Hamilton Leadership Award
Elizabeth Ham

Hartley G. Banks, Sr. Scholarship
Tristan Keith

Helga S. Huang Scholarship
Joey Senevey

Home is Where the Art Is Scholarship
Cori Winkelman

Hoyt K. Hayes & Janice M. Reily Business Scholarship
Caden Blevins

Hulett Family Criminal Justice Graduate Study Scholarship
Michael Vogt
Joseph Barbagiovanni
William Turley

Hulett Family Scholarship
Zoe Zamora
Adrienne Mason
Angelina Snyder
Katherine Vogel

Hurst John Scholarship
Vienne Parmele

Jack and Polly Batterson Scholarship
Bridgette Veit

James and Betty Allen Braham ’42 Science Scholarship
Joey Senevey
Suzie Shanks

James C. Miller Award
Adam Sausel

Jane Froman Singer of the Year
A. Silvey
Chris Deeken

Jane Froman Smith Memorial Scholarship
Ethan Demarest

John and Sarah Yonker Religious Studies Scholarship
Joshua Brush

Jolene Marra Schulz ’61 Scholarship
Morgan Williams

Judy Carter Ely Scholarship
Maddie Truesdale

Kitty Iglehart Smith Award
Andrela Heidelberg

Kristin Michelle Harris Scholarship
Tasia Davis

Lamplighter Christian Seekers Fund
Desirae McCracken

Larry D. Dunham Memorial Scholarship
Ann Lemerande

Leta Jones Spencer and George A. Spencer Memorial Scholarship
Daniel Konys

Lois J. Erdman Award
Harlee Albur

Louise Leebrick Atterbury ’38 Music Scholarship
Desirae McCracken

Lucinda Van Meter Haynie Memorial Scholarship
Melissa Rogge
Jason Parker
Benjamin Kelly

Mabel Bondurant Culpepper ’56 Art Scholarship
Kaytlin Hoehne

Margaret Courter Memorial Award
Emma Martin

Marilyn Henderson Robbins ’43 Music Award
Ethan Demarest

Marion Lincoln Scholarship
Courtney Henvit

Mary Alice Robertson Simon-Merideth Scholarship
William Crane

Mary Henrietta King Estill Award
Samantha Strohschein

Mary Isabel Omer Scholarship
Ashten Kaden
Kaila Perry
Anna Clayborn

Mary Jones Green Lozier Scholarship Fund
Lesly Rodriguez Alvarez

Mary S. Miller Scholarship in Education
Wesley Arndt

Mason L. Dean Trust Award
Olivia Winn

Metscher Scholarship
Trenton Bax

MFA Scholars Endowment
Dustin Longwell

Michael D. Lyman Criminal Justice Scholarship
Lexi Cain

Missouri Colleges Fund
Bec Albrittron
Audrey Strope
Oli Petsinger
Summer Redd
Abby Oetting
Nicole Roberts
Matt Jones
Maddie Truesdale
Virginia Jackson
Sierra Elking
Tara Houseman
Hannah Porter
Urshula Winston

Missouri Employers Mutual Scholarship
Molly Sparkes

M.J. Walther Donnelly ’43 English Scholarship
Jedidiah Graham
Emma Martin

Mock Trial Association Award
Karalynn Fisher
Delaney Moser
Katherine Vogel

Molly S. Thomas Bowden Memorial Scholarship
Skiley Echholz

Montgomery MBA Scholarship
Katherine Marshall

Nadria Leeann Wright Memorial Nursing Scholarship
Nicole Roberts

Nettie Ashlock, Marion Hertig, Mary Paxton Keeley Scholarship
Drew Podowski

Palmer Family Scholarship
Benjamin Kelly

Palozola Family Annual Award
Hannah Folk

Penny Pitman ’65 Scholarship
Keila Morales

Price-Lamke-Jennings-Bassett Scholarship
Lillian Kinpfel

Richard E. Harris Scholarship
Kailyn Sheehan

Robert Ebersol Scholarship
Brayden Tipton

Roger and Rebecca Miller Scholarship
Courtney Bedford

Sally Old Houdayer ’57 Scholarship of Excellence
Lexi Cain

Saunders Family Nursing Award
Jennifer Faulkner

Sheila L. Brynjulfson Memorial History Scholarship
Emily Nunan

Sidney Larson Student Art Award
Sierra Anders

Stedem Family Endowment
Katana Walker

Streeter-Marrero Scholarship
Oli Petsinger

Strickland Family Award
Gimena Arellano-Martinez

Sue Marshall Daulton ’45 Nursing Scholarship
Noah Farnam

Therese Loaiza Fick Memorial Award
Benjamin Astudillo

Thomas Jefferson History Scholarship
Owen Roesslet

Virginia Zimmerley Stewart ’76 Scholarship
Allison Adair

Virginia Singletary Scholarship
Sierra Anders

Wagenknecht Lamm Wood Scholarship
Emily Cote

Wilhelmina and Leonard Stuver Scholarship
Emily Brownfield

William W. Payne English Award
Tayler Koppenaal

Photo gallery by Columbia College Photographer & Graphic Designer Abigail Wade