There are a few constants we can expect during our Central Coast summer months – June gloom on the Coast, triple-digit temperatures in North County, visiting friends, lots of tourists and vacation time. After the wet and cold start to 2023, I think we’re all looking forward to summertime.

I want to challenge you to continue your education in the summer. Taking classes may not be your idea of the perfect way to spend your summertime, but I think in the long run you will be happy you did. Noteworthy advantages to taking summer classes are early graduation, smaller class sizes and staying in the mode of studying because we all know it’s never easy to get back to work after an extended break. 

San Luis Obispo Director Theresa Genova

Summer sessions are also a great time to take a “hard” class by itself – like getting your Math or Accounting out of the way. Columbia College offers flexibility! You can take one class each session or stay with two classes. You can enroll in the late summer session, which begins June 26, even if you’re not taking any classes in the early summer session.

Don’t stress if you have vacation plans. I have had many conversations about summer classes conflicting with family vacation or trips overseas to stay with family. If you have access to a computer, internet connectivity and electricity, then you can attend classes anywhere in the world. This is ideal for those students who don’t want to miss a session, but still are able to travel. In past years, some students have traveled around the world to Europe, Thailand, Mexico City, the United States national parks, and some went on cruises. They all completed their summer coursework successfully. While traveling myself, I’ve met Columbia College students from other nationwide locations. They had their laptops and worked on their courses in the lobby of the hotel.

Here are some tips from the students that have traveled during a session:

  • Make sure you are willing to commit time to your studies because you can’t use the circumstances of your trip as an excuse for not turning in assignments. 
  • Make sure that your computer or laptop have the correct power cords for the proper electric currents.
  • Make sure the area you are in has Internet connectivity and enough speed for D2L to function accurately. 

My added advice would be to seriously think about the time commitment your classes take, consider and weigh all factors, and then make your final decision. Remember every student studies and learns differently. Studying and traveling may not be for you. The ultimate decision is yours. 

Be sure to contact the Center for Student Success at (573) 875-7252 to find out about summer financial aid and tuition coverage.

Whether you stay locally and enjoy the Central Coast or you choose to travel this summer, I hope you have a safe and wonderful summer.

Theresa Genova