Photo by Columbia College Photographer & Graphic Designer Abigail Wade

An internship can serve as a trial run for your chosen field. This experience allows you to explore your future career in more depth, gain professional skills outside of the academic setting and network with others in the profession.

Columbia College’s Grossnickle Career Services Center connects students with more than 300,000 national employers who are seeking both employees and interns.

Career Services can help you prepare for your internship by assisting with your search. The center can provide guidance as you develop a professional resume and individual cover letters for each position. Advisors can also schedule opportunities for you to practice your interview skills.

Internships can be in traditional work settings, or they can come from volunteer opportunities that lead to internships. They can also be virtual positions that allow you to conduct work remotely.

Prior to your internship, you’ll develop learning objectives that outline how it meets your academic, career and personal goals.

Internship experiences are open to students taking classes online or at a venue nationwide. Most departments have unique internship eligibility requirements. In general, students need to have at least 60 credit hours and maintain a 2.5 GPA to conduct an internship.

Some internships will not fit into the eight-week academic session. If this is the case, a student can start an internship earlier than the first day of classes. Students should discuss this option with Career Services.

Internships typically count for between one and three credit hours, regardless of whether the internship is paid or unpaid. Credit cannot be given for an internship conducted in the past. Internships cost the same per-credit-hour tuition rate as you pay for classes.

For assistance or more information, contact the Grossnickle Career Services Center at (573) 875-7425 or