Columbia College’s Nursing program aims to improve lives by providing quality, innovative nursing education to both traditional and nontraditional students. Behind exceptional tutelage from renowned faculty, a state-of-the-art facility at the Brouder Science Center and hands-on experience opportunities, CC nursing graduates are highly sought within the industry.

Hannah Koenigsfeld, a senior set to graduate in Spring 2024 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, is the latest student to emerge from the program. As president of the Columbia College Student Nurses Association (CCSNA) and Missouri Nursing Students’ Association (MONSA), she has made a lasting impact both at the college and within the state.

Hannah Koenigsfeld is set to graduate in Spring 2024 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Photo by Columbia College Photographer & Graphic Designer Abigail Wade

With an already impressive resume in hand, Koenigsfeld’s accolades have reached the national stage as she has been named to the National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) Leadership University Honor Society. She is the first CC Nursing student to earn this honor.

“The recognition of being named into the NSNA honor society gives me gratitude and confidence that I’m doing the correct things to succeed as a nurse once I graduate and enter the field,” Koenigsfeld says.

Koenigsfeld started her nursing journey at the tail end of high school as she was still determining what her future entailed. In 2018, she attended CC’s Summer Nursing Camp and saw first-hand a future in that profession could look like. Senior Clinical Instructor Theresa Veit, MSNEd, RN, served as the CC Summer Nursing Camp coordinator and introduced Koenigsfeld to several professionals in the industry.

After the week-long camp, Koenigsfeld quickly realized that nursing was her calling.

“Ms. Veit had outside nurses talk about their experiences in the industry and I recall having my ‘I want to do that moment’ during camp,” Koenigsfeld says. “I’ve also had many members of my family who’ve faced medical conditions, including cancer. Going through those times personally with them really pushed me to want to become an oncology nurse and assist patients who need help during the biggest battle of their lives.”

Senior Hannah Koenigsfeld poses at the Brouder Science Center, home of the CC Nursing program. Photo by Columbia College Photographer & Graphic Designer Abigail Wade

Following her enrollment in the CC Nursing program, Koenigsfeld says she has consistently felt supported by college faculty, staff and classmates.

“My time with Columbia College and other medical organizations has really prepared me to go out in the real world and have the ability to take care of any type of patient,” Koenigsfeld says. “There are obviously times of struggle during one’s journey in college, but the CC Nursing faculty and staff are always there to help.”

With her graduation set for Spring 2024, Koenigsfeld has her eyes set on attending the NSNA Leadership University Honor Society “Leadership U” Conference next summer. Additionally, she looks to maintain her role as president of both CCSNA and MONSA and impact the lives of fellow young nursing professionals.

Koenigsfeld’s role on campus goes beyond the Nursing program, as she also serves as a Resident Assistant at Miller Hall and was a Student Ambassador for the Admissions office for three years. In those student leadership roles, she connects with both prospective and current students at Columbia College. Whether it’s conducting a campus tour for a future student and their family or making a freshman’s transition to college life easier, Koenigsfeld has become an invaluable asset to the college.

“My sales pitch to incoming students is if you’re looking for a school that’s very hands-on and your professors are going to always be there for you then CC is the place for you,” Koenigsfeld says. “Specifically with the college’s Nursing program, I urge new students to keep climbing the ladder and know the healthcare and nursing industry is always changing.”