Courtesy of Columbia College Photographer and Graphic Designer Abigail Wade, please view the full 2024 Columbia College Employee Appreciation Luncheon photo gallery here.

Kim Coke, director of Student Support Services, poses for a photo with Columbia College President Dr. David Russell during the 2024 Employee Appreciation Luncheon on Tuesday, April 9, in the Southwell Complex. She received the Presidential Award of Excellence. Photo by Columbia College Photographer & Graphic Designer Abigail Wade

Columbia College faculty and staff gathered on Tuesday, April 9, in the Southwell Complex for the annual Employee Appreciation Luncheon. Employees from around the country were in attendance in person or virtually to celebrate the dedication, passion and talent of their peers.

Following an outstanding meal provided by Aladdin Campus Dining, Chief Human Resources Officer Patty Fischer officially welcomed attendees and began the festivities. President Dr. David Russell took the stage next, recognizing not only employees who achieved service time landmarks at the college but all faculty and staff who played a pivotal role in day-to-day operations.

“CC is a destination,” Dr. Russell noted to the group of more than 300 in attendance. “Students advance their lives through education and employees advance their careers in meaningful ways. Please accept my gratitude for the excellent work you have done over the course of this past year.”

“CC is a destination. Students advance their lives through education and employees advance their careers in meaningful ways.”

Columbia College President Dr. David Russell

To begin the awards, employees who have achieved between five and 40 years of service time at CC were welcomed with a round of applause as they crossed the stage to greet Dr. Russell and receive an award packet. Employees honored for their years of service during the event have combined to work 1,735 years and counting for the college.

Next, members of the Staff Association Advisory Council took the stage to award four Staff Achievement Awards. Columbia College Global Instructional Support Coordinator Lucy Schrader was recognized with the Professional Excellence Award, staff members from the Columbia College-Lake of the Ozarks location garnered the Community Service Award, and David Opdycke, senior recruitment specialist, received the Global Cougar Achievement Award.

Dr. Russell returned to the stage to personally award the Presidential Award of Excellence. Kim Coke, director of Student Support Services, was among a slew of contenders recognized by her peers through an internal nomination process before ultimately being chosen as the winner by Dr. Russell.

To wrap up the festivities, Dr. Sandra Hamar, provost and vice president for Academic Affairs, announced the recipient of the Frazier Moon Location of the Year Award, which went to the college’s Evening Program. The honor recognizes the most outstanding Columbia College Global location for consistently achieving the highest standards of effectiveness, efficiency, timeliness and adherence to college policies and procedures.

She also recognized Gina Singleton, the recipient of the 2023-2024 Trustees Award for Teaching Excellence Award. The honor is presented to a full-time faculty member at Columbia College who demonstrates consistent excellence in the classroom and teaches rigorous classes with high academic expectations.

Below are the names of the more than 141 colleagues who received service awards. Congratulations to all of the honorees!


  • Richa Acharya, Adjunct Faculty – Denver, Colorado
  • Fatma Ahmouda, Adjunct – Academic Affairs
  • Catherine Armbrust, Adjunct – Academic Affairs
  • Phillip Armellino, Financial Aid Specialist IV – Financial Aid
  • James Arnold, Athletic Director – Athletics
  • Raymond Biggerstaff, Lead Campus Safety Officer – Campus Safety
  • Robert Boone, Associate Vice President for Strategic Partnerships & Projects – EM&M
  • Hope Bryant, Student Support Assistant – Orlando, FL
  • Jonathan Camp, Network Engineer Infrastructure – Technology Services
  • Savannah Collins, Program Coordinator – Whiteman AFB, MO
  • Clifford Cornell, Adjunct – Rolla, MO
  • Jennifer Crouse, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Zachary Culpepper, Lead Campus Safety Officer – Campus Safety
  • Nicole Cunningham, Adjunct – Rolla, MO
  • Jude Daceus, Adjunct – Orlando, FL
  • Kevin Durden, Adjunct – Rolla, MO
  • Russell Edwards, Adjunct – Orlando, FL
  • Amy Enderle, Visiting Assistant Professor – Academic Affairs
  • Kevin Fletcher, Advancement Services Manager – Advancement
  • David Fontenot, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Rebecca Gaa, Academic Advisor I – NAS Whidbey Island, WA
  • Rebecca Galeano, Adjunct – Fort Stewart, GA
  • Arlene Hruby, Academic Advisor I – Marysville, WA
  • Tina Hyde, Adjunct – Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Lakisha Jackson, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Satish Jalisatgi, Adjunct – Evening Campus
  • Charles Jones, Academic Advisor II – Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Jerone Lester, Director of Residential Life – Student Affairs
  • Christopher Lievsay, Assistant Director – Kansas City, MO
  • Sarah Lirley, Assistant Professor – Academic Affairs
  • Luis Martinez-Rivera, Adjunct – Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  • Kevin Mentel, Adjunct – Fort Sill, OK
  • Emmanuel Ngomsi, Adjunct – Kansas City, MO
  • Anna Osborn, Adjunct – Academic Affairs
  • Jonathan Oxford, Assistant Professor – Academic Affairs
  • Tracy Perkins, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Jaime Ramos, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Joshua Ramsey, Systems Analyst – Technology Services
  • Thomas Rynard, Adjunct – Jefferson City, MO
  • Danielle Sandal, Adjunct – Whidbey Island, WA
  • Philip Schafer, General Maintenance – Plant and Facilities
  • Bradley Scharf, Assistant Professor – Academic Affairs
  • Daniel Scott, Online Instructional Support Coordinator – Online Education
  • Candice Shea, Assistant Director – Financial Aid
  • Lora Shreve, Adjunct – Lake of the Ozarks, MO
  • Patricia Stanley, Clinical Instructor – Academic Affairs
  • Susan Townsend, Director of Stafford Library, Archives & Textbook Program – Library
  • Marianna Vazquez, SQL/ERP Administrator – Technology Services
  • Denise Vogeler, Adjunct – Rolla, MO
  • Tracy Walsh, Adjunct – Elgin, IL
  • Peter Warnock, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Michael Wintersole, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Carrie Woods, Adjunct – Online Education


  • Darrell Ames, Adjunct – Fort Sill, OK
  • James Bonfiglio, Adjunct – Fort Worth, TX
  • Robert Borst, Adjunct – Academic Affairs
  • Miriam Carlos, Academic Operations Specialist II – Online Education
  • Kimberly Craig, Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving – Advancement
  • John Fulton, Adjunct – Hunter Army Airfield, GA
  • Kimberly Johns, Adjunct – Fort Stewart, GA
  • Abdussalam Khan, Adjunct – Orlando, FL
  • Larry Kincaid, Adjunct – Kansas City, MO
  • Leat Kodua, Adjunct – Fort Stewart, GA
  • Lois Kollmeyer, Clinical Instructor – Academic Affairs
  • Perry Lyle, Adjunct – Orlando, FL
  • Dennis McSherry, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Aurora Mercaeant, Adjunct – Lake County, IL
  • Michael Miracle, Adjunct – Evening Campus
  • Rebecca Morrow, Tuition Assistance Coordinator – Business Office
  • Jill Myers, Instructor – Academic Affairs
  • Terri Steffes, Adjunct – Evening Campus
  • Molly Taylor, Clinical Director, Education Department – Academic Affairs
  • Jennifer Tice, Field Engineer – Technology Services
  • Brittaney Todd, Assistant Vice President – CC Global Operations


  • Mary Aikens, Adjunct – Academic Affairs
  • Kenneth Akers, Assistant Professor – Academic Affairs
  • Stacey Bybee, Senior Coordinator of Academic Student Support – Online Education
  • Gay Christy, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Marci Fiorillo, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Patricia Fischer, Chief Human Resources Officer – Human Resources
  • Maurice Gogarty, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Leanna Graham, Adjunct – Academic Affairs
  • John Griesser, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Donna Hall, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Bethany Kish, Senior Academic Advisor II – Online Student Services
  • Dale Larder, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Christopher Lee, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Angela Malone, Senior Systems Analyst – Technology Services
  • Margaret Mangum, Adjunct – Fort Worth, TX
  • Loretta Massey, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Michael McFarland, Collection Specialist – Business Office
  • Kenneth Meyer, Adjunct – NAS Jacksonville, FL
  • Deborah Nutt, Systems Analyst – Technology Services
  • Vladimir Plasa, Adjunct – NAS Jacksonville, FL
  • George Psaras, Adjunct – Elgin, IL
  • Errol Roach, Adjunct – Hunter Army Airfield, GA
  • Ribhi Salhi, Adjunct – Lake County, IL
  • Jean Simmons, Director – Fort Worth, TX
  • Robert Simpson, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Andrew Terhune, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Carmela Thornton, Director of Operations – Online Education
  • Alan Tillquist, Adjunct – Academic Affairs
  • Geoffrey Vanderpal, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Theresa Veit, Senior Clinical Instructor II/Skills Lab Coordinator – Academic Affairs
  • Robert Whale, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Christina Wiggin, Financial Aid Specialist IV – Financial Aid
  • Erin Wilson, Adjunct – Online Education


  • Tammy Calhoun, Adjunct – Fort Worth, TX
  • Daniel Campbell, Associate Professor – Academic Affairs
  • Joseph Davis, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Adrain Dudley, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Sara Estle, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Colleen Field, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Mae Hicks Jones, Adjunct. – Academic Affairs
  • Karen Hudson, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Anthony Lechner, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Kevin Pratt, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Terry Rigsby, Adjunct – Fort Worth, TX
  • Robert Rivard, Adjunct – Online Education
  • James Rowlett, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Travis Satterlund, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Michael Van Duser, Systems Administrator – Technology Services
  • Shailendra Verma, Adjunct – Lake County, IL
  • Scott Ziolko, Senior Evaluator – Office of the Registrar


  • Bruce Boyer, Chief Financial Officer – Finance & Business
  • Kimberley McHale, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Ernest Wren, Adjunct – Online Education


  • Jonathan Davis, Adjunct – Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  • Thomas Elliott, Adjunct – Education
  • Thomas Franz, Adjunct – Orlando, FL
  • John Kenerley, Academic Advising Coordinator – Academic Affairs
  • Barry Langford, Associate Professor – Academic Affairs
  • James Miller, Adjunct – Elgin, IL
  • Brett Rogers, Adjunct – Online Education
  • Cathy Whitfield, Adjunct – Online Education


  • Allyson Meredith, Systems Analyst – Technology Services
  • Kenneth Perry, Adjunct – Online Education


  • Timothy Cruise, Adjunct – Fort Leonard Wood, MO