Author: Colleen Cusumano

Orlando CC 360 Spring Edition

Coaching students By Aaron Williams, director, Columbia College-Orlando One of the most important parts of guiding a student is for the educator to fully understand the student’s intent. In a majority of cases, a student does not know exactly what they want to do with their degree before, or sometimes even when, they graduate. The advisor can use open-ended questions to find out what the student’s interests and passions are. Knowing what they want to do when they graduate will give the student an idea of how to value their education while working toward earning their degree. As an...

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Online Education CC 360 Spring Edition

Writing out your academic goals By Jerry Patton, director, AHE Student Academic Support & Online Student Services A quick question:  Have you written out your academic goals for the next year? So why is goal-setting important? It helps you focus on what you want to achieve. I’m a big fan of setting goals and, as life gets busier every year (as it tends to do), I’ve found being intentional in what I want to do and accomplish has become increasingly important. Doing this gives me direction, and building in milestones and clear measures lets me know how I’m doing....

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NAS Jacksonville CC 360 Spring Edition

Get to know the Navy Virtual Education Centers By Kathleen Ritchie, M.Ed., enrollment advisor, Columbia College-NAS Jacksonville As with many facets of life, education is a constant evolutionary process. The same holds true for the U.S. Navy Voluntary Education process. As one of our largest populations, our military students at Columbia College-NAS Jacksonville once utilized Navy College offices that have now become fully online Virtual Education Centers (VEC). Sailors must use the Virtual Education Center for a variety of reasons, from counseling to research and approval of tuition assistance.  As with any change, a time of adjustment has occurred....

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Kings Bay CC 360 Spring Edition

Getting out of your own way By Carthel Starks, program coordinator, Columbia College-Kings Bay It is a trap that is easy to fall into. You juggle your job/career, your family, your health and college. There are times you may struggle to keep all the balls in the air and wonder if it would be easier to just let one drop. Should you keep them all in the air? Which one would drop? Are you overthinking it? I can’t answer any of those questions for you. However, I can give you three simple tools to help you get out of your...

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Jacksonville CC 360 Spring Edition

When you speak, Columbia College listens By Vanessa Swindell, director, Columbia College-Jacksonville Instructors play a critical role in the quality of education that students receive. At Columbia College, we pride ourselves on hiring adjunct faculty who are experts in their fields and can bring their experience to the classroom. The effectiveness of our adjunct faculty depends not only on their education and experience but also on their ability to teach and interact with students. Student opinions are invaluable in determining the effectiveness of class instructors. That is why it is so important that students provide feedback through course evaluations....

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