Author: Columbia College

Orlando CC 360 Spring Edition

Greetings prospective students from the Columbia College-Orlando Team! Have you always aspired to go to college but thought you could not afford it? If you are considering going to college, Columbia College-Orlando can help get you financial aid to enroll.

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Denver CC 360 Spring Edition

I am honored to have been selected as Columbia College-Denver’s new director. Our location has a proud history of offering high-quality education to military, international, and domestic students in the Denver metro area, and we are going to build on that legacy.

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San Diego CC 360 Spring Edition

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce San Diego’s new location Director, Dr. Dejon Davis. Dr. Davis is excited to join Columbia College and looks forward to working with a great team of committed individuals that have helped San Diego grow through the years.

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Lemoore CC 360 Spring Edition

2019 is here and the January session has started. We hope that your classes are going well so far (after one week) and that you have settled in to the readings, discussions, postings and getting to know your instructors and classmates.

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