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A Historical Showcase

Not unlike the senior artist showcases of today, it was tradition for a Christian College senior art student to create a piece of work for the college’s collection. In 1956, Cheryl Elbe Ward ’57 thought she would be the last of her 12 classmates considered for this honor.

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Tip of the Hat: Chico brings history, art and ideas to life

This story appeared in the Summer 2018 edition of Affinity Magazine. Click here to check out the complete magazine. By Kelsey Lyman Few people can tell the difference between a hat and a cap. For the record, a hat can have many shapes, always has a brim and isn’t always close to the head, while a cap fits closely to the head and has a visor. Dr. Beverly Chico is in the minority of those who could tell you the difference. In fact, she wrote the book on it. Hats and Headwear Around the World: A CulturalEncyclopedia is a culmination of...

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