Category: Alumni

A legacy of uniqueness

Sidney Larson, former chair of the Columbia College Art Department, once praised the institution for providing “unique satisfactions.” The year was 1968 and a lot has changed since then, yet the faculty’s approach to providing a unique experience for its art students lives on.

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Running, The Store

Together as high-schoolers, Lindsey Martin Andrews ’14 and Jordan Andrews ’15 harbored dreams of someday opening up a running store. Less than 10 years, a pair of cross-country moves, a marriage and a daughter later, their dreams have come true.

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Williams serves as inspiration for others

More than 30 years ago, Cornellia Williams ’97 & ‘05 was a single mom and recent high-school dropout living in public housing with two children. After knowing first-hand how having a mentor can change your life, she now is the same for others in Columbia.

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