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Columbia College to return to in-person learning starting January 31

Columbia College officials announced today that students will return to in-seat learning on Monday, January 31. The college will require all faculty, staff, students and visitors to wear masks when indoors unless they are in their offices alone or in their dorm rooms. These mitigation efforts are in effect through at least Friday, February 11.

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Our mission, vision and values

Peruse the websites of colleges and university nationwide and you will most likely skip to degree programs, accreditation, admission procedures, financial aid, career services, student success. What you most likely will not do is consider the important mission, vision, and values statements of the institution or read the rules and procedures governing students.

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Cover letter guidelines and templates

A cover letter or “Letter of Application” is a vital tool when applying for positions. These documents can help detail your professional experience in ways your resume cannot. A cover letter also serves as an amplifier to the first impression provided by your resume and coveys your communication style.

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