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Education Abroad Travelogue: Europe 2022

Berlin-Paris-Detroit-Saint Louis. The group navigated these cities during the 23-hour return trip to Missouri. Jet lagged and hungry, everyone was glad to get home. It’s safe to say, our 10-day journey abroad was a huge success for CC’s students. They got to explore five major European cities, learn about different cultures, form new friendships, and build skills that will last a lifetime. 

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Bhattarai continues legacy of computer science grads making the big time

Being a college student is a hard-enough task. For most, there’s an adjustment to a new community and meeting new people – as well as enduring a harder curriculum than high school. Saurav Bhattarai has navigated all those obstacles while speaking a completely different language and integrating himself into a culture much different from the one he grew up with.

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