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(Re)Introducing myself…

You might notice that that there is a new name attached to this edition of CC Connected. Before I briefly (and humbly) introduce myself, I’d like to acknowledge our long-time director, regional director for region 3, and our very dear friend MarJean Knokey. MarJean retired from Columbia College in January of this year after over 20 years with this organization and over 40 in higher education. She remains close by, enjoying her retirement, sailing with her husband, as well as spending time with their new grand-daughter. She has left tremendous shoes to fill and my hope is to do the best I can. With that, a little bit about your new helmsman.

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We’ve moved!

We’ve moved!  Come find us at our new location on Cuesta College’s San Luis Obispo campus. We are now located in Building 3400 (Charles and Leeta Dovica Learning Resource Center and Library) in Room 3405. You will find our office upstairs in the back-left hand corner of the Math Lab. Our phone number has remained the same (805) 593-0237. Lot 5 is the closet parking lot to our new office location. Remember parking passes are required for parking anywhere on Cuesta’s campus, including street parking. If you’d like to stop by the new office, I would be happy to show you our new home.

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Hitting it out of the park

The boys of summer are back! Baseball requires strategy, skill, discipline and focus from every player in order to create an All-Star Little League team or a World Series-winning team. The Columbia College-Redstone Arsenal staff and students parallel the very strategies that make baseball the great American sport it is.

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Academia’s Red Carpet

Much like the entertainment industry’s Oscar, Emmy or Grammy Awards, in academia, we also have “red carpet” season; it’s called commencement season and it’s just beginning.The award shows are focused on the achievements of the talented artists in their respective communities. The nominees can find the selection process very subjective. Even with all their hard work and exceptional achievement, they may not come out holding a trophy.

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