At the Columbia College Grossnickle Career Services Center, students have constant support as they explore their academic interests and possible career paths after graduating from the college. In March, Amanda Wooden was named the new director of CC Career Services.

Across all departments at Columbia College, students play a pivotal role in the daily operations alongside full-time staff. The Grossnickle Career Services Center is no different, as several students have made a major impact every day.

Throughout the 2022-23 school year, CC Connected will feature some of the student interns who have helped provide support for their peers as they transition from college to the workplace.


Grossnickle Career Services Center Student Intern Nautica Varnum.

My name is Nautica Varnum and I’m from Columbia, Missouri. I’m currently a senior at Columbia College and majoring in General Studies with a minor in Communications.

My biggest passion for my career is helping others. On Aug. 1, 2022, I started my internship working for The Walt Disney Company. My role is Merchandise, Hollywood Boulevard at Hollywood Studios.

I first visited Disney World with my parents when I was four years old as an adoption present. Ever since, I have fallen in love with the uniqueness and magic Disney brings which is what made me want to apply for the internship.

The best part about my internship is that I get to work at Disney World every day. It feels like I’m working in a different world in the best way. Every day, I try to make magical moments for guests that visit. Whether it be meeting someone new, or just seeing how excited guests are to be at Disney, that’s what brings me joy.

The greatest challenge of my internship has been dealing with unsatisfied guests. I think internships allow students an opportunity to try out a job they are interested in, maybe before committing to it full time. I have enjoyed my time with Disney so much that I have applied for a part/full time position but without the internship, I probably wouldn’t have done that.