Author: Columbia College

Moberly CC 360 Spring Edition

Ninety miles north of Columbia is the city of Kirksville, Missouri. Kirksville is the home of Truman State University and Moberly Area Community College. Many of these students feel like after finishing their AA at MACC, their only option for college is TSU. This is not only the situation for students in Kirksville, but MACC students in Mexico and Hannibal also believe that their transfer options are extremely limited.

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Los Alamitos CC 360 Spring Edition

As we say goodbye to 2018 and enter 2019, many of you are thinking how to accomplish what New Year’s resolutions you made for the coming year. If you had trouble making these, there is still time. I propose three highly obtainable resolutions for 2019 that will not end up as forgotten goals.

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Redstone Arsenal CC 360 Spring Edition

Recently, I sat down with Ed Sasan, a Columbia College alumnus and the Anti-terrorism Officer for the 2nd Recruiting Brigade, Redstone Arsenal, to discuss the violence/shootings that are occurring on a frequent basis. He gave me some great pointers that I thought were worthy to share in a newsletter.

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Evening Program CC 360 Spring Edition

The start of each session is a fitting time to not only reflect on past achievements, but identify our goals for the future. Here in the Evening program, we’re cheering you toward success, but also encourage you to think about what has prevented you from reaching goals in the past – what I refer to as the “Sisyphus Trap.”

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